Straight, Strong, Dependable.

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The best steel company in the area

We take pride in our excellent service and great attention to detail. You will find our staff extremely helpful when it comes to the custom steel, brass, and aluminum products we

have to offer.


No matter what you need we can create it. We have the resources, and tools needed to

bend the metal how you need it.

The best service from the best company

We provide the best custom cuts of steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. You will see that we can create anything R and M Steel is a family owned company located in Dodge Center, MN. As a Papenfus family owned company specializing in steel products, we only want to bring you the best.  We work with all types of people, including those who work on steam engines and need to use brass that can handle heat, and we provide all types of products including custom steel artwork.

Some of the services we offer

• Square tubes, channels

• Angles, flats, pipes

• Cutting edge, sheets

• Cold rolled and stress

• Shearing and bending up to 3/16" x 120"

• Brass, aluminum

• Stainless steel


Straight, Strong, and Dependable

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